About Us

K & K Hardware started out as K & K Electric Co., an appliance sales and service store in 1940. It was co-founded by Mr. Boyd Keller and Mr. Art Kurtz. Mr. Kurtz soon left for California and K & K became a mom and pop operation. Boyd did the service work; Mrs. Adeline Keller took care of the office.

By 1947, they were selling all kinds of hardware and paint. The store at 1540 State Street was getting too crowded, so they relocated to 1719 State Street. This move lifted business and sales began to skyrocket.

New partners were added: Mr. George Broessel, Mr. Warren Border, and Mr. Gerald Stahle. In 1950, K & K joined forces with a new hardware wholesaler on the scene, Cotter & Company, now known as True Value. This joint venture increased the store's buying power, increasing sales and our reputation even more.

By 1972, the store at 1719 State Street was bursting at the seams, and K & K relocated for the third time to its current location at 1818 Grant Street. New departments were added, new partners joined the business, and many new employees were added.

Three generations;
a true family owned business

As everything changes over time, so has the face of K & K. In 1999 the store reverted back to a true family owned business with Boyd's children, Don and Darlene, being the sole owners. In 2013 K&K changed from a partnership to an LLC and with that change the third generation of Boyd's family became owners. The multi generational ownership of the family business melds the traditions of the past with the progressiveness of the young; a great balance for continued stability and growth.

To K & K, the hallmark of a successful business is to satisfy the customer first. Service is our biggest strength and is of the utmost importance to every employee. We stock over 70,000 items in 60,000 square feet of selling space. However it doesn't mean much if a store has 70,000 items and you can't find the one thing you need. Our employees, all 100 of them, know their department like the back of their hand, but they also know about other departments. We encourage every employee to learn as much as possible about each department to help the customers find what they need. We don't just point the customer in the right direction; we take them to the item and stay with them until they are completely satisfied. If the employee is unsure of something in another department, there is always someone close by to ask for assistance.

Stop in and see us anytime; we'll make you feel right at home

It has been said that it seems we have more employees than customers at times. There is always someone there to help you out. If an employee is stumped by a question, they know who to ask for the answer. Asking questions is a good thing and is not looked down upon. No one knows everything, but as a team we can answer almost any question.

Our customers have been supporting us since 1940, so we do our best to say thanks by supporting our community in many ways. K & K sponsors several Little League soccer, baseball, and softball teams. We provide rebates to several local schools, just let the cashier know what school you would like to credit. These are just some of the ways we say, "Thank you."

Stop in and see us anytime; we'll make you feel right at home. You will be amazed by our inventory and service. K & K True Value Hardware, where service and quality don't cost more.

A 75 Year History;
Meeting the Challenge since 1940

Mission Statement

K&K True Value Hardware provides customers with quality service, goods, and advice for maintaining and enjoying their homes as well as the diversity to supply the products for their recreational pastimes.

Vision Statement

K&K True Value Hardware comes to mind first when customers think of where to shop for quality goods, great service and fair prices.