Special Orders

With over 70,000 unique items in stock any given day, we’re bound to have what you need for projects – big and small. Not only that, but we can help you with the large-scale projects, as well! If you have big home improvement projects stressing you out and weighing your wallet down, come to K&K Hardware and let our expert help you to make the job as easy and affordable as possible! Whether you want to install a new deck, or your house needs new windows or doors, or you simply need the lumber for another project, we’re ready and able to help.

Knowledge & Expertise

Russ Kehn has been working to provide the best building supply knowledge and expertise available for over 35 years and has been at K&K Hardware for 42 years. If you have a dream deck in mind, or your want your project to go as smoothly as possible and turn out just how you imagined it, 42 years is more than enough experience to help make your dream projects come true.

Russ prides himself on his customer service; With the ability to find the products you need, provide an affordable estimate, and even provide ideas for your current and future projects, you can’t ask for better customer service. Don’t settle for less – contact Russ and make sure what you want done is done how you want it done!

Don’t live in the area but you still need the expert advice and knowledge that only K&K Hardware can provide? We’re still more than able to help you out – and happy to do so!

Contact Russ, directly, via email at lumber@kkhardware.com or via phone at 563-528-1199

Brands & Products

Russ can help you with a wide variety of brands, products, and can even help you to find the proper contractors to get the job done. Please refer to the list below for some of what Russ can do to help you get your project done quickly and affordably!

Products We Carry

Brands We Carry

Additional Services

General Service
There’s plenty out there to be concerned about and to know about. Make sure that your job is receiving the proper support for the job with Russ’s 35 years of industry knowledge!

Room Additions
Looking to add on to your home or business? Laying out your room addition, gathering the right materials, and getting the right contractors can be hard work. Russ can make brainstorming, planning, and completion a breeze!

Building Code Checks & Knowledge
Russ has extensive knowledge of important and required building codes. Simplify your job by contacting Russ to help finalize your project the right way!

Find Contractors for Job Help & Install

Finding the proper contractor can be hard. Whether you need one that is reliable and efficient, or you just need one to get the job done, Russ can help you find the right person for the job!

Creative Brainstorming
With over 35 years in the business, Russ has accumulated plenty of creative layouts, ideas, and plans. Not entirely sure how to move forward or how to build your dream deck? Russ can help!

Whatever job you’re trying to accomplish, do yourself a favor and call Russ. He’ll help make sure things are easier than you could have ever imagined!

Phone: 563-528-1199
Email: lumber@kkhardware.com