Green Thumb Premium Lawn Fertilizer, 48-Pound Bag


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SKU: 128389|Part: GTHLF15M|Brand: Green Thumb
  • Green Thumb premium lawn fertilizer for all-season application.
  • 30-0-3 formula, 15,000 square foot coverage, 48-pound bag, phosphorus free.
  • Provides your lawn with slow release nitrogen for the extended feeding of your turf.
  • Blended to provide even, lush growth of your lawn.
  • Sulfur & iron added for a deep green color.
  • Apply any time of year when grass is actively growing, generally mid March to mid November, northern zone.
  • Cool season grasses, beginning of March to end of November, transitional zone.
  • Mid February to end of December, southern zone, warm season grasses.
  • Apply every 6 weeks or as needed.

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