Green Thumb Premium Weed & Feed Lawn Fertilizer, 48-Pound Bag


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SKU: 128388|Part: GTHWF15M|Brand: Green Thumb
  • Green Thumb premium weed & feed lawn fertilizer for late spring application.
  • 28-0-3 formula, 15,000 square foot coverage, 48-pound bag, phosphorus free.
  • Controls over 200 different broad-leaf weeds including:
    • dandelion
    • plantain
    • chickweed
    • knotweed
    • henbit
    • spurge
  • Provides your lawn with slow release nitrogen for the extended feeding of your turf.
  • Contains dissolve broad-leaf herbicide for maximum control.
  • Apply in late spring or early summer, about 6-8 weeks after application of crabgrass preventer.
  • Generally mid April to late June, northern zone, cool season grasses, mid march to end of May, transitional zone, & mid March to mid May southern zone, warm season grasses.

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