Leak Stopper Roof Patch, 10-Ounce Tube


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10 OZ, Tube Leak Stopper Roof Patch, A Fiber Reinforced Trowel Grade Rubberized Roof Patch, This Specially Designed Roof Patch Permanently & Instantly Repairs Even Problem Leaks In Wet Or Dry Conditions, It Also Stretches To Prevent Cracking & Lasts 4 Times Longer Than Other Products, 10 Year Warranty.

  • Permanently & Instantly Repairs Problem Leaks
  • Revolutionary advancement in roof patcing and repair
  • Penetrex, a unique penetrating oil that reaches deep into the crack and forms a complete seal.
  • Rubberized repair if specially formulated with Penetrex to penetrate damaged areas and stop roof leaks instantly
  • With the addition of liquid rubber, this flexible high performance plastic cement provides a superior watertight bond that stops problem leaks for good.

This is a hazmat item and cannot ship to certain locations.

City/County/State level restrictions:

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