Milwaukee Demolition Sawzall Blade Set, 5-Piece


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SKU: 197386|Part: 49-22-1105|Brand: Milwaukee

5 piece, demo sawzall blade set, includes 9″, 8 tooth, wrecker reciprocating saw blade that is ideal for general purpose demolition, 9″ 14 tpi, 6″ 14 tpi & 6″ 18 tpi torch blades that have fine teeth to cut metal with ease & 9″ 5 tip ax blade that has nail guard to cut through nailed boards without shattering, sawzall blade set uses matrix ii bi metal design for both cutting power & durability, tough neck ribs throughout the blades reinforce the tang to minimize broken blades in the middle of a job, the blades with fang tip technology bite into the cutting surface & prevent skipping.

  • The Wrecker Blades Excel At General Demolition Jobs
  • Torch Metal-Cutting Blade Uses Fine Teeth To Cut Metal
  • Ax Blades With Nail Guard Cut Through Nailed Boards And Keep Going
  • Saw Blade Set Utilizes Bi-Metal Design For Longer Life And Cutting Ability
  • Tough Neck Ribs For Added Durability
  • Fang Tip Blades Bite Right Into The Cutting Surface To Save Time And Effort
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