The Grill Club

Two Easy Ways to Become a Member

  1. Sign up in-store for a yearly membership for $30.00 or;
  2. Purchase a grill priced at $400 or more from K&K Hardware – become eligible for a full year of membership completely free!

Member Benefits Include:

•  Spring Grill Tune Up

Once a year, we’ll come to your house to service your grill – for free – so that your grill will be ready to use! (Price of parts is not included)

Additional future maintenance only costs $10 per trip! (Non-members pay $30 per trip)

•  Save on Parts and Accessories

With your Grill Club membership, you’ll also receive 20% off all grill parts and grill accessories that we carry!

If you’re interested in signing up for K&K Hardware’s Grill Club membership, but live outside of the radius shown below, you’re still eligible to receive all in-store discounts and benefits. However, due to driver and repair limitations, we are unable to meet everyone’s service needs and therefor cannot perform maintenance on Grill Club member grills outside of the red circle shown below.

If you have any questions about the Grill Club or the service range shown below, please contact our Sporting Goods department at 563-359-4474 and they will be more than provide assistance.